About Us

About Us

Weddingrams, led by Divyam Ramji Mehrotra, is an ensemble of highly spirited and talented visual storytellers, dedicated to carefully curating your most precious memories. From having covered weddings in the mystical palace city of Udaipur, the colorful landscape of Jaipur, the unfazed wilderness of Jim Corbett to the jazzy beach sides of Bangkok, they have mastered the genre of destination wedding photography. They re-invented the way weddings had been covered traditionally, and take great pride in that. It was at a time when brides and grooms realized that there is always more to weddings than what meets the eye. Thus the concept of pre-wedding photoshoots and wedding films came into being.

At Weddingrams, the team has not only photographed couples against spectacular backdrops of Ladakh, Srinagar, Thailand etc. but have also been extremely successful in capturing endearing moments and sparkling chemistry between the couples, even in the most modest of spaces. What’s more! Seasoned professionals at Weddingrams carry over a decade of experience in cinematography.

We know that choosing someone to capture the most precious moments on the biggest day of your lives is a daunting task. We understand what it truly means to you. That's why, we capture memories that you can cherish for a lifetime, and years on when you look at them, those beautiful memories will still feel like it was yesterday.

Our Team

Divyam Ramji Mehrotra

Divyam Ramji Mehrotra is a destination wedding photographer based out of New Delhi, India. He has a knack for creating extraordinary stories out of moments that look ordinary to others. Fondly called as the magic maker by his clients, Divyam’s penchant for closely collaborating with the couples and understanding their expectations, gives him the edge to come up with breathtaking visuals. But it is his passion for photography coupled with unbridled commitment towards his work, which truly sets him apart. Divyam started his career in mass media and advertising after completing his master’s degree in visual effects from Chennai. During the course of time, he won numerous awards for photography and also conducted workshops for aspiring photographers and students from different parts of the country. In 2012, he found his calling as a full time wedding photography specialist and since then there has been no looking back.

Debesh Mehrotra

Ambidextrous, magician, a degree in psychology – these are all the things he feels are necessary for being a skilled cinematographer in the field of candid photography as a quick hand and quick pre-judgement of the emotions are just what it takes to capture the moods of a wedding. He also likes thinking and daydreaming which earns him the nickname “dreamy boy” by his teammates.

Kartik Sahani

A reputed cinematographer in the field of advertisements and films, Kartik has a creative eye for classy frames and elegant shots. The best way to describe him is saying he is both, humble and professional, having a humble outlook to everyone around him and having a professional outlook to everything happening around him. He is definitely our go-to guy when it comes to Pre-Weddings.

Pushpender Singh

Youngest of all, Pushpender always wanted to be a wedding photographer. Having a family trend of wedding photography, he was always inclined towards photography and wanted to make his work one of the best in country. With his love for colors he creates pictures which speak for themselves.

Lakhan Ahuja

We call him the “story-builder”, Lakhan has an eye for details and timing which he uses the best for covering the story in the best way possible. With his keen interest to always learn something new, he creates pictures which are loved by all. You will mostly find him taking pictures of group, stage and couples at the wedding, but he never miss down an expression going at the event. He always says that its the story which makes the wedding album complete and he loves to create a new one everytime.