Weddings are a repertoire of emotions, chaos, fun and tales. Weddings are forever, so is our love for them. And we love photography no less. It’s this love that lends us the eye to see the beauty and the splendour in every aspect of a wedding.

“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.” Just like a holy verse this quote has inspired us to capture a hundred lives that resonate a thousand emotions. Our style is to depict real people, real moments in a creative way, and not by a template. And what you get is an exquisite visual account of the moments you lived, laughed and revelled in, to cherish for a lifetime.

We know that choosing someone to capture the most precious moments on the biggest day of your lives is a daunting task. We understand what it truly means to you. That's why we document memories that matter to you like a living testament of the moments gone by. And years on when you look at them, those beautiful memories will still feel like it was yesterday.

Documentary Style Photography

Our approach is to document real, authentic moments and craft images that convey the story of your wedding day in all its beauty. We will be hiding in plain sight and yet be present all the time, cloaking in more seconds per minute.

Art and Creativity

Uncovering the extraordinary from what seems ordinary to the eyes. Art is in our blueprint. A blessing or a curse, call it what you may, it makes us discard all known formulas and create something unique for each couple.

Fun and Emotive

We believe that unhindered moments are a must for perfect candid photos. So, we make sure that we engage our lovely couples and their families to give them images that are fun, spontaneous and contemporary.