A Homemade Wedding

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Reminiscing the time, how far we have come from where we started, Weddingrams being the official wedding photographer for this wedding was a weight heavier than the one we carried when we were on to our first ever wedding in a small Himalayan village or be it our first international wedding escapade. The weight of emotions overflowing all around us, our own anticipations accumulated over the years of seeing our Maalik, we fondly call him that, take the holy vows while we capture that moment for eternity. All this time, he has cared for us like a gentle parent, mentored us into mastering the nuances of wedding photography, scolded us like a tough teacher when needed and here was our chance to present him with a humble token of our gratitude. Talking about exactly what happened, well Maalik at the Mandap was whispering to us the right moments to click, perfecting the camera angle and hinting at all the candidness we could have otherwise missed, and this while he was circling the sacred fire with his beautiful bride. Yes, this happens when you shoot the wedding of an accomplished wedding photographer. Ever wondered how a wedding photographer’s wedding looks like?

A place full of loving close-knit family, friends who have made it a long way from the immaculate days of sweet Alma mater, friends who chuckled together in the highs of adolescence and cried together in the lows of adulthood, friends who became family, colleagues from yester years, colleagues from the glorious present and a hundred fellow wedding photographers. This place for two magnificent days, brimming with the warmth of the people who matter, was the address of the wedding of our Maestro. A wedding made possible and put together one brick to another with their sheer love and reverence for Divyam and Shivani.

What transpired over these two days was a lot of firsts. Any guest entering would be greeted to a sight of the groom standing in the blazing heat of April, guiding decorations and other proceedings of the espousal. Families and friends giving each other a run for their money in dirty dancing the Mehendi and the Engagement ceremonies. Hilarious and unforgettable stories of the first-time drinkers. The perfect mix of traditional and contemporary – a Haldi ceremony, where vibrant splashes of colors gave us those out-rightly crazy shots. A baraat with the groom dancing and photographing his tribe having the time of their lives. What stood out for us were the moments just after Vidai, where the heavens were witness and silently our cameras too, to the profoundness of bittersweet emotions galore. Our words wouldn’t encompass what we lived through but may be our photographs would. So, go ahead and look at this most special wedding from our eyes – the story of #ShivDiv brought to you by Weddingrams.

If you like our work, let’s get in touch. Give us a call at +91 995 849 0943 or you can email us at nick@weddingrams.com. Weddingrams is rated as the Top Wedding Photographer in ‘Wedding Details’ category at Weddingsutra Awards 2018, Best Wedding Photographer of the year 2018, India by One Eyeland Awards and awarded in the Fearless Photographs collection of 2018 by Fearless.

Venue @ The Wild Crest Resort, Ramnagar

Decor by The Wild Crest Resort and our Groom

Make-Up by Maleen Puri Minchi

Photography by Weddingrams


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